• golden green jewel of Istrian olive growing
  • obtained through cold pressing with 0.08 to 0.2% of free oleic acids
  • high in nutritionally valuable elements and aromatic notes
  • extra virgin olive oil features particularly well-balanced piquancy and bitterness, a pleasant flavour, green to yellow colour and thickness

Ol Istria extra virgin olive oil has been synonymous with a standard of quality among Istrian olive oils for years, as attested by numerous awards it keeps receiving at prestigious international competitions year after year. Processing olives from our own groves using the cold pressing method yields extra virgin olive oil distinguished by its particularly high content of natural antioxidants.

Olives are hand harvested and processed within 12 hours, which secures the base for top quality of this extra virgin oil.

All varieties are endowed with a specific taste, scent and intensity, and thus oils, much like wines, can be paired with various dishes. Each drop of this extra virgin olive oil merges centuries of tradition and the most advanced agricultural and production technologies.

This year Ol Istria extra virgin olive oils continue to be celebrated with a string of awards at the international extra virgin olive oil competitions.

Ol Istria extra virgin olive oil blend of varieties has won a gold medal at a large international extra virgin olive oil contest – London IOOC 2016.