Ol Istria ascolana is a superbly harmonious oil distinguished by its intense fruity scent of ripe tomato and ripe apple, balanced piquancy and bitterness.

Best enjoyed:

  • excellent when added to soups and fish
  • with red meat
  • with vegetable pasta dishes
  • with desserts

Such a harmonious oil, recognizable for its intense fruity scent of ripe tomato and ripe apple, pairs excellently with soups, fish, red meat and vegetable pasta dishes and with desserts. Dry curd cottage cheese or cottage cheese in the emulsion of honey and this oil or chocolate mousse with Ascolana topping are delicious desserts definitely worth trying.

Ol Istria Ascolana was voted the best international extra virgin oil at the Liquor d’Ulivi 2014 event in Italy organised by Associazione Internazionale Ristoranti dell’Olio (International Association of Oil Restaurants).

At the 2015 New York International Olive Oil Competition, it was bestowed the silver medal, while the international extra virgin olive oil contest Terra Olivo 2015 held in Israel honoured it as the recipient of the Prestige gold award.

Terra Olivo, a competition held in Jerusalem, has the reputation of being the third most important competition for the overall ranking of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world.