Ol Istria Istrian Bjelica is a preferred olive oil obtained from the indigenous Istrian variety yielding a distinctive oil of a fresh scent of green olive fruit, very harmonious with balanced fruitiness, sweetness, bitterness and pronounced piquancy.

Istrian Bjelica is a favourite olive oil among Istrians, in the region of its origin.

The fruit of Istrian Bjelica is golden yellow when fully ripe, which gives the variety its name. The oil content in the fruit is around 21%, which is affected by several factors, a particularly high-quality oil. As its fruit is large, this variety can be processed as green olive, i.e. it is a variety with a twofold purpose.

Best enjoyed:

  • with the Istrian frittata
  • with various vegetable pastas or grilled vegetables
  • a perfect companion to chocolate desserts

Pairs with various dishes such as the typical Istrian asparagus and prosciutto frittata, grilled vegetables, various vegetable pasta dishes and salads. It makes a particularly great pairing as a topping for chocolate desserts.

Like most varieties, Bjelica too is known by different names, and the most frequent ones are belica, zlatna belica, bianchera, bjankera, žlahtna belica and other.

At the prestigious competition 13⁰ Concorso Oleario Internazionale Aipo d’Argento 2016 in Verona, competing against more than 280 best Italian and Mediterranean olive oils, Ol Istria Istrian Bjelica won the bronze medal in the medium fruitiness category.