This is definitely one of the most widespread varieties in the world owing to its exceptional adaptability to different growing and ecological conditions. Leccino is a clear green oil, with a strong aroma of green olive and freshly cut grass, harmonious taste with a precious pronounced note of bitterness and piquancy. Its contribution to various vegetable and meat dishes is incomparable.

Leccino is a vigorous tree with a dense and hanging canopy due to the burden of its fruit. It develops a medium-sized fruit, black when fully ripe, with an average weight of around 4 g. The oil content in the fruit is around 22%, which depends on several factors (crop yield, soil cultivation, fertilization, protection and similar).

It is worth mentioning that the fruit of this variety ripens at a relatively uniform rate, i.e. all the fruits on the tree change change their colour from green to black in a short period of time. Leccino ripens in the second half of October and it is considered one of the earliest varieties in our cultivation area.

The fruits of the Leccino variety are solely used for oil production.
At the prestigious competition 13⁰ Concorso Oleario Internazionale Aipo d’Argento 2016 in Verona, competing against more than 280 best Italian and Mediterranean olive oils, Ol Istria Leccino won the silver medal in the medium fruitiness category.