Agrolaguna is Croatia’s biggest olive oil producer

The first substantial olive groves were planted in the early sixties at the northwestern coast of Istria. To date 65,000 olive trees have been planted on an area of 220 ha (Červar, Brda, Larun, Zelena laguna / The Green Lagoon, Veli Maj). All the olives are processed in the company’s own oil factory with state-of-the-art agricultural machinery and production technology (cold processing procedure directly from the olive fruit within 8 hours, with oil being kept and stored in stainless steel barrels with inert gas at a temperature between 15 and 18°C).

Ol Istria stands for quality and indigenousness in the production. The oil thus gained boasts a free fatty acids share of 0.08 to 0.2% and is rich in nutritionally valuable elements and aromatic notes.

Olive oil from environmentally friendly cultivation

Environmentally friendly production is organized, registered and supervised production with products being recorded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery and Rural Development, controlled by the supervising station and certified by the legal person in charge of the certification process.

Agrolaguna’s extra virgin olive oil from environmentally friendly cultivation is a product gained exclusively from the olive fruit grown in an environmentally friendly way and meets all conditions stipulated by the law.

The specific features of the extra virgin olive oil from environmentally friendly cultivation originate already in the olive grove where the olives are not being treated with any chemicals and after the processing the oil is not filtered which provides it with a special, characteristic taste.

Oil sorts

Single variety olive oils

Single variety olive oils are a result of a centuries-long natural selection and feature specific flavors and scents.


Wth the piquancy and bitterness evenly spread, this variety provides an outstandingly harmonious oil recognizable for the intense fruity scent of ripe tomatos and ripe apples. This harmonius oil matches well with soups, fish, red meat, various pasta dishes with vegetables. An excellent dessert to be recommended is curd or fresh cheese in an emulsion of honey and this oil or chocolate mousse with ascolana topping.


Harmonious, light and fresh oil of outstanding quality, slightly bitter and piquant. Excellent match to creme soups, accentuates the taste of venison, beefsteak and rumpsteak.


Provides dark oil gaining excellent quality with age, markedly piquant in flavor with a scent of green olive fruits. To be served with h2 dishes like grilled meat or spicy meals.